Raging Bullets : A DC Comics Fan Podcast
Raging Bullets has been a source of in-depth explorations of the DC comics and related media for over 15 years. Episodes are spoiler filled commentary on the events of issues explored.

Episode 30: This episode: We introduce a new segment called “Speeding Bullets? that we would love feedback on.  We also review Martian Manhunter 1-3, Trials of Shazam 1-3, and 52 weeks 25 and 26. Also included are the usual, fantastic, email and forum comments.

NOTE: Next week’s show will also be a late Wednesday night release due to our attending the CGS #200 Episode.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: I took out our spoiler free summaries because they were almost identical to our reviews without the depth.  The big problem with this is that it makes listeners sit through the same segment again. Please post in the forum or email us with your thoughts on this. If there is enough demand, we will rework the spoiler free summary concept.

FINAL NOTE: We had a bit of a sound quality issue this episode. (A Slight feedback that we weren’t aware of until the end of recording. We will take care of this for next week.)

Time stamps:

0:00 Opening, special news and comments on the web site and where it is headed.

9:27 First Speeding Bullets Segment: Jim talks Outsiders and Sean talks Aquaman : Sword of Atlantis. (Note: We added Martian Manhunter 1-3 into this segment. It is similar to our normal format but we sped it up a bit to accommodate the new segment.)

42:20 Listener Emails

1:04:43 Trials of Shazam 1-3

1:36:15 Listener Emails

1:48:24 52 Weeks 25 and 26 (HALFWAY POINT!!!)

2:19:24 Forum Comments for Episode 30

2:39:47 Closing

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