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Raging Bullets has been a source of in-depth explorations of the DC comics and related media for over 15 years. Episodes are spoiler filled commentary on the events of issues explored.

Episode 51a:  Jim and Sean talk Coundown issues 38 and 37 as we begin our biweekly catchup on the title. We focus much of our discussion on delving into what we think of the storylines so far and where we want to see them go. We also share some listener rants.

Time stamps:

Our 95th recording

We are proud members of the Comics Podcast Network

0:00 Opening, special news, show announcements, various rants, an announcement about the new “Where’s the Sensei Now?? web site contribution program.

7:28:00 Countdown Discussion

1:26:39 Listener rants from CGS 300 via iriver and shout out to Pat Loika. More about CGS 300 and a general shout out to all the great people.

1:56:30 closing, shout outs and whatnot.

Check the forum and web site for the next release which will be a JLA 11 and 12 focused episode with guest Art Lyon and a possible Countdown discussion


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