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Raging Bullets Special Report Episode 1: A DC Comics Fan Podcast

Special Report 1: Jim and I intended to record directly from the NYCC.
 We unfortunately spent all day and evening Friday in the Atlanta
Airport. (Yes, we live in Ohio and there is no reasonable explanation
why Air Tran trapped us here.  We decided that we promised you some
"live" content from the con.  While we can't deliver you direct con
reports at the moment, we can deliver you a special review of Brave
and the Bold #1.

We also recorded some special segments from the NYCC for you.  We chat
with Raph and Juan from Geeks United about the news from the DC NATION
PANEL on Friday.  Jim and Sean also discuss the DC Panel from Saturday
and some surprising news on DC Countdown and where DC is headed over
the next few months. (Special thanks to Ian Levenstein of Comic Timing
for his help with organizing Raph and Juan's help on the panel we
missed while stuck at the airport.)

We will be discussing the Minx, Vertigo, Wildstorm and CMX news on
future episodes as short segments over the next couple of weeks.  We
hope you enjoy our coverage of the NYCC.

NOTE: We are recording this episode on an Iriver in an airport.  While
there is some airport background noise, we hope you enjoy the content.

0:00 Opening and Notices

2:07 Brave and the Bold #1 Review

31:08 Spoiler Free for Brave and the Bold

32:09 Closing audio blog about our crazy day at the airport

36:05 DC Nation Panel news from Friday. Thanks to the Geeks United
Podcast and Ian Levenstein for their help on collecting this news.

55:53 DCU Panel from Saturday

1:23:03 Closing

We will be back by Friday Evening with the second part of our Legion Special

Monday Night will be the release of the Back to the Bullets Robin
special and then we will return to a weekly release schedule.

Check out ragingbullets.com as we have been working to improve the experience.
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