Raging Bullets : A DC Comics Fan Podcast
Raging Bullets has been a source of in-depth explorations of the DC comics and related media for over 15 years. Episodes are spoiler filled commentary on the events of issues explored.

This episode, we review the OYL titles: Robin 148, Birds of Prey 92, Nightwing 118, and Batman 651. We also read and comment on listener emails, talk about the recent Pittburgh Convention, and review the Vertigo title Loveless #1-5. NOTE: Due to the length of the episode, this is the second of two parts.

Robin #148 0:00:00
Batman #651 0:24:04
Loveless #1-5 (Mature Themes) 0:35:25
Closing Comments 1:02:41

Special thanks to Chris G. for the help with the Time Stamps.


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