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Raging Bullets has been a source of in-depth explorations of the DC comics and related media for over 15 years. Episodes are spoiler filled commentary on the events of issues explored.

Episode 48 Part 2:  Basically almost two shows in one: This Episode Jim and I continue a two part long overdue discussion of Countdown 51-47: What works for us? What doesn't? How does it compare to 52?  What threads are we most enjoying and why?

We are also have listener emails and chat with Lord Shaper about a special gift he sent us.

Almost 3 hours of content. It's been awhile since we released a monster.

Time stamps:

0:00 Opening, special news, show announcements, various rants, and email about the Smallville episode.

6:16 Listener Emails and show donations

21:46 Part 2 of a 2 part discussion on Countdown issues 51-47

1:04:20 Countdown forum comments

1:36:48 Lord Shaper conversation

1:48:45 Closing, shout outs, show info

(NOTE: After the closing, there is another hour of bonus discussion) Donâ��t miss more with Lord Shaper on the normal blooper reel.  I left that discussion on the end because we get really off DC and talk Dr. Who but we had fun with the discussion so I left it on for those who are interested, rather than scrapping it.

We also talk informally about Batman, Detective, Batman Confidential, Green Arrow, Robin, Freddie Williams B-day, Blue Beetle, the Atom, Books of Magic, Invisibles, Papa Midnight, Starman, Grendel, the Shade miniseries the most recent Sandman Mystery Theater and more in just plain comic talk.

We also discuss Tim Burton, his Rogue's Gallery Segment on Comic Timing, and more.

We will see you on Late Tuesday / Wednesday AM with Episode 48 Part 3


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