Raging Bullets : A DC Comics Fan Podcast
Raging Bullets has been a source of in-depth explorations of the DC comics and related media for over 15 years. Episodes are spoiler filled commentary on the events of issues explored.

Episode 61: This episode we look at Countdown 19-17, comment on some listener rants, have an audio comment segment from BK’s Bullets on Emperor Joker and much, much more.

Time stamps:

OUR 107th RECORDING!!!!!

We are proud members of the Comics Podcast Network and the League of Comic Book Podcasts.

0:00 Opening, special news, show announcements, quick shout out to Captain Carrot, various rants, and much more.

10:06:00 Listener rants

46:07 Countdown 19-17

3:09:17 Bk’s Bullets Emperor Joker

3:25:52 Show closing

Check the forum and web site for release details on next week’s Episode 62


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