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Raging Bullets has been a source of in-depth explorations of the DC comics and related media for over 15 years. Episodes are spoiler filled commentary on the events of issues explored.

Episode 13: This episode: Biweekly 52 coverage continues with 5 and 6 and our look at Superman through the Ages continues with selections from Showcase Superman. We also review Secret Six #1, and the always controversial All Star Batman #4.

Special thanks to Jim who was fighting allergies but made it to the episode anyway.

Time stamps:

00:50:0 Showcase Superman

34:31:00 Emails

44:05:00 Secret Six #1

54:20:00 Emails

1:01:53:00 All Star Batman and Robin #4

1:21:29:00 Emails

1:28:32:00 52

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This episode we review: Batman Year 100 1-4 (3:05:00), OYL titles: Shadow Pact #1 (48:43:00), Ion #1(1:11:22),WE3 from Vertigo (1:29:54)

We also talk about some listener emails (37:08:00,1:03:43,1:22:22) with some questions about Jim and his ties to Darth Vader.

We hope you enjoy the show.

Show closing Segment (1:49:41)

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This episode: We review Action Comics 1-4 as featured in Superman Chronicles (4:17), Checkmate #1 (43:42), Supergirl #6 (1:02:11), and begin our biweekly 52 coverage with week 1-4 (1:17:06). We changed our bit rate to give a faster download. Please send us some comments on the show and the sound quality.

Thanks to Matthew Guy for updating our Time Stamps:

Introduction -- 0:15
Superman Chronicles -- 4:17
Emails -- 33:00
Checkmate #1 -- 43:42
Emails -- 56:12
Supergirl #6 -- 62:11
52 Week 1 - 4 -- 77:06
Closing Comments -- 124:28

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This is part 2 of our Episode 10 Anniversary. We finish Identity Crisis and review Infinite Crisis.  Thanks so much for making our first 10 episodes so special. We are looking forward to many more. Our listeners are awesome!!!

Thanks to Matthew Guy for the Time Stamps:

Opening Comments and Thanks to Everyone -- 0:40
Discussion on Identity Crisis Mini-Series continues -- 1:42
Discussion on Infinite Crisis Mini-Series (2005-06) -- 41:15
Details on Episode 11 -- 112:22

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This is our two part 4 hour Anniversary celebration. Part 1: We review Crisis on Infinite Earths, read listener emails, and share the first half of our Identity Crisis review. Please join us for Part 2 where we continue Identity Crisis and review Infinite Crisis. It will be released on Friday. Thanks for joining us. We couldn't do this without you.

Thanks to Matthew Guy for the Time Stamps:

Introduction -- 0:36
Discussion on Crisis on Infinite Earths Maxiseries (1985-86) -- 2:24
Emails -- 66:35
Discussion on Identity Crisis Mini-Series (2004-05) --  90:33
Quick Reminder for Episode 10 Part 2 -- 113:19


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